Private Sessions

Harvard Professor Alyssa Goodman asks Kathleen Medina, "What does an astrologer do?"

KATHLEEN MEDINA is an intuitive with more than twenty five years of professional experience. She has practiced in numerous healing centers both abroad and in the US and was on staff at Canyon Ranch for ten years in their metaphysical department. Her gift is matrilineal passed on through three generations. Her work has helped guide thousands of people on their life path.

She offers three different services depending on the needs of the client: numerology, astrology, and tarot as well as her own natural clairvoyant abilities.

  • NUMEROLOGY is the esoteric science of numbers. Numbers represent frequency (waves in a unit of measurement). Numbers and number patterns reveal an underlying energetic structure that can be read and applied in a variety of ways. A numerology chart outlines one's innate gifts, needs and purpose in life as well as detailing the current cycles.
  • CLAIRVOYANT TAROT sessions provide insight and deeper awareness of the present and near future trends. This service tends to focus on underlying issues and subconscious patterns and brings guidance in the form of heightened consciousness to allow the client greater understanding of where they are on their life’s path and how they can move forward in a positive direction.
  • ASTROLOGY is the most comprehensive service. A birth chart is a snap shot of the solar system from the place, day and time of birth. This provides a detailed map for the individual. Each session also addresses the current transits, where the planets are at the present time, and how they are affecting a client’s birth chart. This is the best service to give an overarching view as well as detailed times of activity that can help the client navigate through any situation.

Each modality presents information to assist the client in achieving greater awareness and empowerment. Every session is designed to bring clarity in whatever area of life there are questions: career, relationships, health and wellness in a style that is positive, direct, and pragmatic.

Consultations are available by phone or via Zoom. Each session is recorded and a digital audio file will be emailed after the session.

One-hour sessions are $180.00 and can be paid by PayPal, Venmo or via Credit Card.

To book a session email kathleen at