Photo by: Melissa Rouzier<br> ( MEDINA has been interested in the mystical experience for as long as she can remember. A highly intuitive and creative soul, she always sensed that there was more to reality than the material world. She began an investigation into metaphysics as a teenager and studied tarot, numerology, and astrology–tools that helped her discover an underlying pattern of energy and intelligence available to all who sought it out. She went on to develop these skills into a thriving profession.

Kathleen has studied numerous spiritual disciplines, from Tibetan Buddhism to shamanism, Gnostic Christianity to Kabbalah. She spent three months in India at a Buddhist center studying Tibetan meditation practices and there learned something that would ultimately change her life. Coming from a monastery in southern France, her teacher told her about the Buddhists’ reverence for Mary Magdalene, an enlightened woman who lived and taught in Provence for thirty years. He told Kathleen to seek out Mary Magdalene’s cavern, a place of spiritual significance that was part of her own journey of awakening.

Ten years later Kathleen had the opportunity to travel to southern France and visit the cavern, a place where Mary Magdalene spent much time in refuge. At the time Kathleen was working on a manuscript about her own spiritual adventures and found herself increasingly drawn into Mary Magdalene’s history and the power of her spiritual legacy. This became the basis for Kathleen’s novel, Red Spirit Woman.

Mary Magdalene embodies certain qualities of the feminine spirit: She was independent, empowered, passionate and spiritual, wise and expressive, undeterred by suppression or societal norms. In art she is often depicted in a red cloak. One day a title came to Kathleen to describe Mary Magdalene’s essence, la femme rouge, which she translated as “red spirit woman.” Kathleen believes we can all embrace the qualities of la femme rouge to enjoy the full spectrum of the feminine–bringing greater balance much needed today in our relationships and to this world.