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Red Spirit Woman

La Femme Rouge

A NOVEL INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS: When a young woman travels to France to visit her aunt, she finds herself drawn into her aunt’s mystical past and discovers the incredible history of Mary Magdalene’s legacy in Provence.

Katie is desperate for guidance. Twenty-eight with a failed marriage, stalled career as a film editor, and a recent misguided affair with her boss, she reaches out to her enigmatic aunt Ariel.

Ariel’s unconventional lifestyle as a mystic and intuitive counselor led her to Provence. She now lives on a vineyard with her partner near the bones of her muse, Mary Magdalene. When Katie arrives she discovers the depths of Ariel’s research on the misunderstood and often maligned first-century woman.

But underneath the seemingly idyllic life, Ariel is increasingly anxious. She’s unable to find a pathway forward with the work she is most passionate about--Magdalene’s lost gospel and spiritual legacy.

When they take a road trip to the Languedoc region in a last-ditch attempt to find more proof to corroborate Ariel’s research, both women see their strengths mirrored in the other but also their crippling self-doubt. They recognize the brutal suppression of the feminine in ancient history has not only disempowered women for millennia, it is still very evident in society today.

When they meet up with Maureen, a sixties-era radical and retired journalist, the women piece together clues left behind by a renegade priest and discover a great secret hidden in Magdalene’s gospel. Together they drive all night to reach Chartres cathedral to find the power and legacy of the sacred feminine--just waiting to be unearthed from the dark annals of history.

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